Dried Barberry

Barberry is an unknown super fruit of Iran and so do Barberry powder, a rich source of minerals, phenolic compounds and antioxidants, Iranian Red Seedless Barberry or Zereshk is the main product of South Khorasan province agriculture, especially in regions of Qaen and Zirkooh, which produces 98 percent of Barberry in the world.

Each year, most of the produced barberry is dried. Small berries of barberry have tart and sweet taste, a special place in Iranian cuisine and traditional medicine, but the changes in our lifestyle and incompatibility of barberry with these changes have caused barberry lack of use as in the past.

What is barberry powder and how can it play a role in our health and daily routines? In this article, we will discuss the various uses of barberry powder.


Barberry powder can be prepared in various ways. The easiest way to make the powder is by grinding healthy and high-quality dried berries.

However, to produce barberry powder, they may have dried barberry juice from fresh fruit with processes such as spray drying or freeze drying and finally grinding its powder. Spray dried Barberry powder is not pure and is usually mixed with some form of starch compounds, which cause solubility issues and slightly changes its taste.

Freeze-drying produces a pure high-quality product, but the final product is very vulnerable and must be processed in a fully controlled atmosphere environment, as it quickly absorbs moisture from the air and agglomerates.

We have tested freeze-drying to prepare barberry powder, due to the enormous investment and energy costs required for freeze-drying and the vulnerability of this type of powder, it does not seem to be a suitable and practical way to produce barberry powder in the food industry and home use.

What is Barberry Powder

Barberry powder is rich in vitamins and minerals. This powder is a rich source of vitamin C, a fair amount of iron, potassium, magnesium and contains amounts of the rare metal zinc. Barberry powder is also a good source of phenolic compounds and red antioxidants of the anthocyanin family, which make up the pigments of barberry, which their consumption helps protect body cells from oxidative stress and prevents the occurrence or intensification of many chronic diseases.

Nutritional Properties of Barberry Powder

Health benefits of Barberry powder

Improve the immune system

Vitamin C and other types of antioxidants in barberry play an important role in improving the body’s immunity. This vitamin helps produce white blood cells and makes the body more resistant to infections. Of course, other compounds in barberry also improve the body’s immunity in many ways.

The alkaloids in barberry, of which berberine is the most important, play a significant role in improving the body’s immunity as a natural antibiotic.

You can take a detailed look at “Berberine” in Wikipedia to learn more about the importance and applications of berberine.

Reduce inflammation

Antioxidants in barberry powder can help reduce inflammation in the body. These anti-inflammatory properties can be helpful in reducing chronic pain and improving patient conditions such as arthritis.

Cardiovascular system support

Barberry helps improve heart health. Minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium in this powder can help regulate blood pressure, regulate cholesterol levels, and improve blood circulation.

Uses of Barberry Powder in Cooking

Adding to foods and beverages

Barberry powder can be added to foods and drinks as a functional, nutritious and delicious additive. It can be used in preparing all kinds of soups, salads, and even healthy drinks.

An effective way to create a habit of consuming barberry is to use it for daily drinks such as tea and after drinking coffee. By adding barberry powder to the drinks, its taste changes slightly and you will obtain added value from your drink.

Use in desserts, smoothies and sweets

In addition to main dishes, barberry powder can also be used in desserts and sweets. Combining this powder with other ingredients can create new and delicious flavors. For example, barberry powder can be added to yogurt or used to decorate various desserts and salads.

Improving the physical properties of foods and increasing their shelf life

In numerous researches, the health-enhancing effects of using barberry and barberry extract in improving the quality properties of foods have been investigated. As an example, in research, the effect of adding barberry powder to the popcorn to improve its quality and health properties has been investigated, which makes barberry powder a suitable ingredient for turning this popular snack into a beneficial product specially for kids.

In another study, red seedless barberry extract was used to prepare stirred yogurt. Also, in another sample, barberry powder was used to prepare flavored milk.

Barberry in traditional medicine

Usage history

Barberry has long been known as a medicinal plant in Iranian traditional medicine. In the past, different parts of the barberry plant have been used to treat infectious fevers and mouth inflammations.

Barberry is a tonic for the liver and heart, a choleretic agent, reduce stomach heat and prevents hemorrhoids from bleeding, and also prevents chronic bleeding.

Barberry fruit has vasoconstrictor properties and berberine has been recommended as a stomach tonic and anti-emetic during pregnancy.

This fruit is a plant of thousands of treatments because all its components are used to treat many kinds of diseases. Barberry blossoms, barberry leaves, barberry root and stem, fruit and decoction of all parts of barberry have been used to treat different types of inflammation, from oral and dental inflammation to inflammation of the internal and digestive systems and in the treatment of many types of infections.

Methods of consumption

In traditional medicine, barberry powder is used orally and even as a poultice to treat wounds and skin inflammations. Also, the decoction of different parts of the plant has been used in treatments.

Medicinal uses of Barberry powder

Treatment of digestive diseases

Barberry is used as a natural remedy for digestive problems. Consuming barberry powder as a supplement rich in fiber and pectin can help improve digestion and reduce digestive problems.

Lower blood sugar

Research has shown that barberry powder can help reduce blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Several studies have investigated the use of aqueous and alcoholic extracts of barberry in reducing blood sugar in patients with diabetes. Besides berberine, barberry fruit powder has a good amount of magnesium that can help reduce blood sugar.

Blood pressure regulation

Minerals in barberry powder such as potassium, calcium and magnesium help regulate blood pressure. Potassium also contributing to electrolyte balance, muscle function, and maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

Iranian seedless barberry contain iron, a vital mineral that plays a key role in transporting oxygen in the blood and preventing iron deficiency anemia.

These features can help prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Prevention and treatment of liver diseases

 Barberry fruit contains a group of alkaloid compounds such as berberine and berbamine that can play a role in reducing liver inflammation. In most scientific researches, the role of berberine in barberry has been investigated as an effective factor in reducing liver complications.

Barberry fruit has a lower amount of berberine compared to barberry root and leaves, but it can still play a role. Aqueous and alcoholic extract of barberry has also been investigated as a medicine in many researches about liver complications.

Beauty applications of Barberry powder

Face and skin masks

Barberry powder can be used as an active ingredient in face and skin masks. Masks containing barberry powder help lighten the skin tone and reduce dark spots because it is rich in vitamin C and anthocyanin compounds.

Hair fortification and revival

Consuming barberry powder and using it topically can help strengthen hair roots and reduce hair loss. In the barberry, there are two elements zinc and magnesium, which are emphasized by the medical community in the treatment of hair loss and to improving the growth of hair and nails.

Barberry fruit has a lower amount of berberine compared to barberry root and leaves, but it can still play a role. Aqueous and alcoholic extract of barberry has also been investigated as a medicine in many researches about liver complications.

Barberry powder in nutritional supplements

Sports supplements

Due to its energizing and strengthening properties, barberry can be used in sports supplements. These supplements help improve athletic performance and increase endurance. This phenomenon has also been evaluated in an academic study. You can check the results of the study of “ Evaluation of the effect of short-term barberry juice supplementation on humoral immune response in active girls following exhaustive exercise activity: A randomized double-blind clinical trial.” For more details.

Vitamin supplements

As a rich source of vitamins, barberry powder can be used in vitamin supplements as a body tonic in general. In an article entitled “Physical and chemical properties of red seedless barberry”, you can find out the mineral and vitamin content of barberry in detail.

Side effects and precautions

Use during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Consuming any kind of barberry compounds can cause in blood pressure decrease, so it should be done with caution during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is better to consult your doctor before use.


Interference with medications

Barberry powder may interact with some medications. People should consult their doctor before use.


Comparison of Barberry with other herbal powders

Barberry powder VS  other antioxidant powders

Barberry powder has higher amounts of vitamin C and antioxidant compounds compared to other powders such as cranberry powder or acai berry. In addition, barberry powder contains a small amount of alkaloid compounds such as berberine and berbamine, which can present very unique health-enhancing effects for the consumer.


Special benefits of barberry powder

One of the special advantages of barberry powder is its unique sour sweet taste, which make it a desirable option in preparing children’s meals and desserts. The valuable minerals in barberry powder,  make it a valuable addition to the daily diets.

Red seedless barberry is an all-Iranian fruit, and by expanding its consumption, you help the development of the economy of barberry and barberry growers in South Khorasan province of Iran. More than 80 thousand families in South Khorasan province are directly engaged in cultivation and processing of barberry.

Barberry Powder in different diets

Use in weight loss diets

Barberry powder can be used in weight loss diets. This powder has few calories and helps reduce appetite, and because it is a diuretic, it helps eliminating toxins accumulated in the body.

Barberry powder can be effective in controlling blood fat, which is one of the problems caused by weight gain. Compared to many pills and slimming drugs on the market, this powder does not cause any unwanted side effects.

Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets

Barberry can be used in vegetarian and vegan diets and meet nutritional needs. Also, since barberry powder is a good source of iron, it can be effective in meeting the body’s need for iron and other minerals.

Buying Barberry powder

Barberry powder should have a bright red color and a slightly sour and sweet taste. The pink color of barberry powder may be caused by grinding unripe and poor-quality berries.

To ensure the health of barberry powder, you can buy high quality barberry and grind it yourself. Buying from a reliable supplier, you can save time and energy.

Barberry powder contains about 10% natural sugars, which makes this powder clump quickly in the presence of moisture. Therefore, pay attention to the health of the packaging when buying.

In Yaghut sorkh Padiz Co, we designed and manufactured several special equipment for barberry powder production, we first dry the barberry in a special dryer, and after the final processing and washing of the barberry, we dry them again for grinding.

Barberry powder can be ground in coarse or soft form, depending on its application, you can choose coarse or soft powder. Soft barberry powder is more vulnerable to moisture absorption due to the smaller diameter of the particles.

Barberry powder should release its flavor and color slowly when dissolved in water, if the solution is quickly and excessively colored in the solution test, the powder may have been mixed with edible or non-edible dyes.


Barberry powder is a valuable and nutritious piece of food that can be used to improve general body and community health and it has various applications in cooking, medicine and beauty. With regular and conscious consumption of barberry powder, you can benefit from its unique benefits.

Barberry is the fruit of Berberis Vulgaris specie which beside the very important aspect of the fruit itself, can protect lands and environment in low quality irrigated water agriculture.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is barberry powder?

Barberry powder is prepared by grinding dried barberry fruits and is used as a nutritious and delicious additive in foods and drinks.

 How to consume blackberry powder?

Barberry powder can be directly added to foods, drinks and desserts or consumed as a food supplement.

 Is barberry powder suitable for everyone?

Barberry powder is useful for most people, but if you have certain medical conditions or if you are taking certain medications, it is best to consult your doctor before use.

 How much barberry powder should we consume?

The dosage of barberry powder depends on individual needs, but it is generally recommended to avoid overdosing. regular consumption of barberry powder can intensify its beneficial properties, so use this powder daily and in small amounts to replace several of your medicinal supplements.

Barberry is the fruit of Berberis Vulgaris specie which beside the very important aspect of the fruit itself, can protect lands and environment in low quality irrigated water agriculture.

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